PSD To WordPress

Here we are going to take you through my entire process of getting from Photoshop to completed WordPress.
PSD To WordPress

Slicing PSD: The first step in PSD to WordPress process is slicing. Slicing means to cut and divide an image design file into multiple design files each having the different design component of the overall design.

Creating Index.html and style.css: The next step is to code the sliced images into HTML or XHTML format and style it using CSS. This process requires a deep knowledge of CSS and HTML. For this purpose most coders use website creating software such as Dreamweaver and Fireworks but again it is up to the developer to decide whatever software they wish to use.

Break index.html according to WordPress theme file structure:The process of creating a custom WordPress website is actually the process of creating a WordPress theme that would be uploaded into the WordPress software. Thus the main focus of the PSD to WordPress process is to actually convert a PSD design into WordPress theme and then adding functionality to that theme using WordPress tools and plugins.

Adding WordPress tags:The most important part about WordPress is the hundreds of inbuilt functions that can be used to add all the basic functionalities to the WordPress theme. You don’t need a complex HTML codes. Just add WordPress inbuilt function tags in the theme files to get the desired functionality and the job is done. The WordPress will take care of the workings. And that is the beauty of WordPress.

Adding functionalities:Now that you have created and activated a theme, the full magic of WordPress becomes apparent. If you want to add any other functionality into the website, or you wish to modify any existing functionality you just have to install a plugin or configure the existing structure using the highly user friendly WordPress dashboard.