PSD To Magento

When it comes to ecommerce development, Magento is surely the most popular tool thanks to its robust features and the customization opportunities that it offers.
PSD To Magento

Step 1: In the first step we plan out your online store methodically. Work on the logo, the color scheme and the fonts to give a distinctive look to your website. Create product gallery, search box and navigation bar without cluttering the overall layout.

Step 2: Each and every section of the online store has a different purpose and it needs to be coded accordingly and so in the next step we need to slice the different sections of the store such as the logo, search box, body, navigation panel and footer. The slicing should be done with surgical precession to ensure pixel perfect conversion of the store.

Step 4:Once the site has been coded we need to integrate it into the Magento admin. Start by creating all the directories for the new theme. These directories would then be published into the web server and would store all the different elements of the website including the HTML/XHTML code and the style sheet. This includes creating directories such as app/design/frontend/theme/theme and skin/frontend/theme/theme etc.

Step 5:In the final step we need to add data such as product description, images and prices and test it across different browsers such as Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Make sure that the store appears and functions uniformly across all these browsers as this would increase the popularity and usability of your online store.