How does it work?

Version Next will submit your website to the network of directories. As all web directories that we use are in Version Next's network; the scope of the directory listing service does not stop with submissions, but with the acquiring of actual listing for you in these directories. Our Premium Directory Listing gives excellent value for your money & Big ROI. You need not approach directory listing services with hesitation and uncertainty anymore. You can be 100% sure of getting high quality backlinks.

As Version Next is one of the most experienced SEO and link building company, you can entrust all your requirements without having to entertain any worries. We offer our customers a very reliable customer service. We assure you that we will never do anything that will affect your website's reputation because we certainly would not want our reputation to be tarnished in any way. Our services and our popularity have been built on consistent delivery of the highest standard and professional link building services. Our Premium Directory Listing can be used for building links for home pages and also, for the inner pages of your website. Your deep linking needs can also be met very effectively through our Premium Directory Listing service.

Key Features
  • The most search engine friendly way to build links for your website.
  • The total number of links that you get for each package is assured 100%.
  • Manual submissions to the web directories.
  • Links from reputed web directories with good ranking.
  • Premium Directory Listing service improves your search engine ranking.
  • Get Quality Backlinks from different Class C IPs.
  • Your website's online visibility will be greatly enhanced.
  • Increased online visibility for your website from the top web directories.
  • The most cost effective solution for all your link building needs.
  • Used for building links for home page and for deep linking.
  • Search engine friendly, phased submissions on all high volume submissions.
  • Very reliable customer support with a maximum response time of 24 hours.

One time Premium Directory Listing Service Packages

Package Name Total no. of links Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
PDL (Fast)
250 10 1 $149 Buy Now
400 10 1 $199 Buy Now
500 10 1 $249 Buy Now
*PDL : Premium Directory Listing

Seo Friendly Slow Premium Directory Listing Service Packages

Package Name Total no. of Links Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
PDL (Slow)
250 30 5 $149 Buy Now
400 60 4 $199 Buy Now
500 75 5 $249 Buy Now
*PDL : Premium Directory Listing
1What is Premium Directory Listing?
Premium Directory Listing is the process of getting backlinks for your website by submitting your website's links to a network of directories that are associated with Version Next.
2How much does your Premium Directory Listing cost?
Our Premium Directory Listing services are priced based on the number of back links. Our prices are very nominal and you will be able to find packages that fit within your budget.
3Will you make all the submissions in a search engine friendly way?
Yes, of course all the submissions will be made in the most search engine friendly manner. We will make the submissions manually to all directories. Moreover, all high volume submissions will be handled in a phased manner.
4Will all the links be from m the same IP?
No, all the links will not be from the same IP. You will get your back links from different Class C IPs.
5Will Version Next give me any report at the completion of the service?
Yes, you will a detailed report free of charge once the submissions are completed.
6Can I choose the keywords for the submissions?
Yes, you will be able to choose up to ten keywords and ten titles for the submissions.
7How long will it take for the submissions to be completed?
The timeline will depend totally on the package you choose. However, we will ensure you that all the orders are completed in a very timely fashion.
8How soon do get back to customer support queries?
Our company gives top priority to customer service. All customer support queries will be responded to within 24 hours. You can contact us through phone, email and through live chat support. Our live chat support is available 24/7 in our website.