E-Commerce Solutions

You're probably someone who's seen and experienced what ecommerce websites and ecommerce solutions have done or can do for your business. You know the hype about B2B, B2C, C2C and the like. You sure know how to

spell them but not necessarily know how to sell them! You've seen the opportunity of and you want to know something more about what it takes to get ahead in the ecommerce universe. You're desperate to know who you're visitors are, what they are looking for, and how you can help them get what they want quickly and effortlessly.

We can take your B2B, B2C, C2C or C2B ideas and dreams and convert them into reality!

Our expertise goes beyond the technical building of a site. We also provide business guidance to help predict the success of the project, or marketing expertise to attract visitors to your site.

Inventory management, catalog and Import / Export:
  • Packing slips (fax/email delivery) for each order
  • Bulk updates (amount/percentage) of products inventory
  • Inventory update (CSV spreadsheet file)
  • Option to disable sales of unavailable/out-of-stock
  • Products reports (new arrivals, RMA, on order and in stock)
  • Batch printing of mailing labels and returns forms
  • Catalog with unlimited products and categories
  • Common product structure/definition
  • Ability to sell hard goods and electronic products
  • Web-based file/image manager to upload files online
Shopping cart, customer account and order processing::
  • Cart (sales coupon, gift note and saving for later purchase)
  • Account (orders, subscriptions, payments history
  • Automatic sales receipts (#, billing/shipping info and taxes)
  • Invoices with payment type/delivery, discounts, etc
  • Merchant sales follow-up notifications
  • Ability to track orders status online
  • Ability to review of outstanding/completed orders
  • Sales receipts to customers and merchant
  • Email alerts when new orders are submitted
  • Wizard to configure regional sales models
  • Easy tracking of taxes (sales, GST, PST, VAT/multiple)
  • Ability to levy tax rates to product groups
  • Tax (include/exclude options) and delivery service
  • Automatic tax calculation for geographic regions
  • Tax implication (state/province, country
  • Tax-free (exempt) items
Custom storefront appearance:
  • Custom storefront appearance: add logo, header/footer, etc
  • Variety of pre-integrated pages
  • Ability to create new custom pages
  • Full customization of presentation layer
  • Pure ASP/HTML scripts and style sheets
  • Any regional language (UNICODE support)
Sales management and promotions:
  • Sales journal (order and refund documents) and secure download option
  • Ability to accept payments online (secure transactions
  • Tracking of orders received: Web, phone, fax, mail, and email
  • Catalog sales with ability to create customer's account
  • Advanced search by documents, customers, suppliers and products
  • Intelligent search by time period (day, week, month) and transactions
  • Printing/emailing of invoices and packing slips in bulk/per-order
  • Management reports: sales revenues, taxes, profits and payments
  • Price lists for customers and membership
  • Free shipping based on amount, weight and quantity
  • Bulk mailing campaigns to email newsletters, special offers, etc
Payment and shipping options:
  • Pre-integration with leading payment processors
  • Secure online credit cards/e-checks payments
  • Payments by check, credit/debit card, money order, COD
  • Ability to process credit cards online
  • Creation a new credit card entry with custom fields
  • Multi-currency support (settlement into basic currency)
  • Dynamic shipping calculation (flat, linear/table) within regions
  • National/global shipping options
  • Optional pre-integration with leading real-time shipping carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx)
System settings and services:
  • Settings (general, currency, language, etc)
  • Workability with the back office on the Internet
  • Web services interface to manipulate all data queries
  • Fully scalable package to add any new rules
  • Full 1 year subscription to upgrades/updates