November 9, 2018

What to do if your server is not reachable anymore

If your server should run but is not reachable, the reason might be a routing problem between your internet provider and Contabo and you should follow […]
January 25, 2018

How to install/setup Node.js with cPanel

Node.js on any hosting package, even shared. Node.js is used for hosting different apps, like Ghost blogging platform, etc. Bellow is instruction how to quickly and […]
April 19, 2017

Configuring additional IP addresses

Upon ordering a Dedicated Server or VPS you will receive one IPv4 address and one /64 IPv6 subnet. As an example, this could be the IPv4 […]
September 3, 2015

Paste Text in Command Prompt with Ctrl+V and More

Along with viruses, one of the biggest threats to computer users on the Internet today is malware (malicious software). Malware can hijack your browser, redirect your search attempts, serve pop-up ads, track what web sites you visit

July 14, 2015

Email Setup – iOS – iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

This page will walk through the email setup of an iOS device. When finished, the device will be able to connect to Version Next email servers using encrypted connections. The images below are from an iPhone version 8, whose email displays are almost identical to other iOS devices...