Remote Storage to provide you with a sense of data security.

Is your business prepared for a disaster (natural or manmade), hardware malfunction, or accidental file deletion?

Hosted Data Backup for PCs and servers from Version Next allows you to protect your business by backing up your business’ data remotely over the Internet.

With our Remote storage and backup service, you won't have to worry about losing of your precious data and intellectual property. Your digital life is in completely secure hands with our back-ups. An important component to your business continuity or disaster recovery strategy is the capability to back up and store your critical data to a secure offsite location. By purchasing a Remote Storage Service solution from Version Next, you are ensuring that the data you upload will be stored on a redundant file system and secured in an industry-leading data center facility providing maximum uptime as well as reliability.

Backup Options Backup Space Monthly
Option 1 1GB Backup Space ₹ 100.00 Configure
Option 2 50GB Backup Space ₹ 999.00 Configure
Option 3 100GB Backup Space ₹ 1499.00 Configure
Option 4 100GB SSD Backup Space ₹ 1999.00 Configure
Option 5 200GB Backup Space ₹ 1999.00 Configure
Option 5 500GB Backup Space ₹ 2999.00 Configure
Option 5 1TB Backup Space ₹ 3999.00 Configure

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