App Testing & Publishing

Applications are never complete just by its development. It needs to come in lime light and this can be made possible only with an efficient application testing. Once the testing is completed successfully, the developed application can then be published to appropriate platforms so as to ensure that it’s available for use by general public.

In order to successfully test and publish an application, it is important that you join hands with an effective team. To this end, we Version Next have a team of experts who will ensure successful application testing and its publishing on appropriate platforms too.

Application Testing
It is an activity that every software developer performs almost on a daily basis in his or her career. Whether your application is web based or desktop based, we have a team of developers who can perform the testing job for you. At Version Next we employ the following testing methodologies:

  • Black box
  • White box
  • Grey box

Every application is tested for its efficiency by employing both paid and open source tools such as
  • Functional testing
  • Load testing
  • Performance security testing
  • Link validation testing
Publishing a developed application

Once the testing process is complete, a developed application is now ready and the next step is to publish an application on appropriate platforms. At, Version Next we provide you with an option to publish a developed application on platforms such as

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Windows platform
Our team of publishing experts will help you on the following tasks:
  • Icon and screen shot designs
  • Write and update your marketing language
  • A custom website for developed app
  • Update appropriate reviews for the app
  • Set and build promotion strategy
  • Manage strategies of pricing